Sunday, April 26, 2009

Active Directory and Dynamics CRM Users

Microsoft Dynamics CRM needs all users to be created within the Active Directory to access the CRM Application. Creating the users within the Active Directory and CRM is a real pain and You have create each users within the active directory and within the CRM seperatly. In case the number of users for the system is huge, then the Administrator need to do a hell lot of work to finish creating the user with a non-user friendly environment and assign the users business units and security roles seperatly. To reduce the manual process behind creating the users in CRM and Active directory, I have developed an application known as Crm Smart User which will provide you the facility of creating users within Active Directory and CRM.

The out of box CRM feature allows you to create bulk users, but it will not give you the provision to assign the users their Business Units and Security Roles.

The Crm Smart User provides you the additional functionality to create bulk users within Active Directory and CRM, and it assign the users the respective Business units and security privilages. Wow...So it's pretty cool..., yeah....

The massive work of creating the users in CRM and AD is reduced using this application. Now the Administrators can use this application to create users and enjoy the time.

The active directory domain name, organisation etc can be configured from the Application config file, so this application is easily customisable for use on different Domains and Servers.

The application also provides the facility to create a single user within the CRM and Active Directory. Users have the option to create users within CRM or in AD. The link to this applcation EXE : Crm Smart User Installation Kit.

The application is smart enough to identify the existing users within AD and CRM and avoid re-creatingthem within the application and AD. You can export the template used to create the users fom the last tab within the application. The first tab is a welcome screen and the second one is the bulk creation screen. Once the users are imported and created successfully, the system will update the status of the users on the Grid View as shown below.

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