Saturday, January 28, 2012

Creating My First Web Hosted Application In CCA

Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides a range of accelerators as an add-on to the product. These accelerators are used to extend the functionality provided by CRM and will give specific functionality to users on top of the Dynamics CRM platform. 

Customer Care Accelerator (CCA) for Microsoft Dynamics CRM focuses on delivering contact centre based functionality, such as the ability to create a unified desktop by combining different line of business applications and displaying it in a single user interface. Most of the accelerators for Dynamics CRM are available free and CCA is also an open source available to download free from Codeplex website. Because CCA is an open source, there is very little help or support available for this framework.

Here I wish to have my first UII application configuration for a Web Application Hosted within CCA. When the agent desktop starts, I want the Google website to be launched on my agent desktop. The following UII configurations will launch the Google website as a global application when the agent desktop is launched.

Google Application UII Configuration
Name of application displayed on the tab.
Created By User
This will be the user who creates the UII config.
Sort Order
Optional number field
An integer number to specify the order of the application launched within the agent desktop.
Hosted Application Type
Web Hosted Application
Type of application hosted using the UII config. Win. App. will use externally hosted application setting and UII hosted app, the hosted app. setting
Application is Global
Defining the application to be launched when the agent desktop is started.
Dependent on Workflow
Yes, to launch the application when a workflow is triggered and No otherwise
Display Group
Panel on which the application is launched, Agent desktop has several panels on which we could launch the application. We can add new panels to the agent desktop by editing the MainWindow.xaml
Minimum Size X,Y
Zero if no predefined size and to maximize by itself to fit in to the tab.
Optimal Size X,Y
Zero if no predefined size and to maximize by itself to fit in to the tab.
Use No Adapter
Adapters are mainly used for UI automation and in this case we don't use any.
Application is Dynamic
No, because we need it to be launched when the agent desktop is launched and Yes, if it’s manually launched using the quick launch.
Application Hosting Mode
Use SetParent
"Use SetParent" will launch the application within the agent desktop, if chosen "Host Outside" will display outside agent desktop and "Use Dynamic Positioning" to display in a specific position on the Desktop.
URL to access the web page.

The Agent desktop once started will display Google as displayed below.

I will be posting more about CCA in my following posts. Watch this space. Good Luck!