Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Customer Session - Opening CRM Customer Cases In CCA

Customer Care Accelerator (CCA) for Microsoft Dynamics CRM focuses on delivering contact centre based functionality, such as the ability to create a unified desktop by combining different line of business applications and displaying it in a single user interface.  

CCA could launch CRM Cases related to the customer calling in and here I explain how to configure and launch Customer related cases when the session starts within CCA. When the agent desktop session starts, I want the Customer Cases to be launched on my agent desktop. The following Uii Hosted Application configurations will launch the Customer Cases as a session based application when the agent desktop session starts.

The Url will be set as about:blank; initially and will be overridden by the default action. This approach is taken to dynamically populate the customer ID from context.

The following Uii Actions should be set.

The %CustomerId is used to represent the context value CustomerId. The CCA integration framework will look for query string parameters with the % sign and will identify those as Context based values and will replace them with the respective context value when the session starts.

Hope this is made clear. Thanks....